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Hsueh Wei Chen, NYU, Class of 2021

As a graduate student from the NYU music business master's program,  interning at B.O.E.  was such a cherished moment for me. Within just four months, I was able to experience many crucial parts of the music industry, from the publishing, the music production, the promotion, to even the live show management side. General manager Rashon was very helpful during the entire time. She was very willing to teach and to give interns opportunities, which I appreciated a lot. After finishing the internship program, I got my current job as a content creator and digital strategy specialist at LA Weekly. Thanks to B.O.E., the social media management skill, and digital flyer design skills which I had picked up here polished my resume and helped me get the position successfully.

Tyrese Hart, NYU, Class of 2022

Interning with B.O.E has provided me with an amazing opportunity to learn more about record labels and different facets of the industry. I walked away with not only more knowledge about the music business but how to navigate professional spaces as well. It was an invaluable experience that I will take with me in life moving forward.

Hyunjo Kim, NYU, Class of 2022

My internship at B.O.E. Global led me to understand the record label more thoroughly and to expand my practical experience and interpersonal skills. Here, my responsibilities were not limited to a specific duty but were wide open to every kind of duty. Everyone at B.O.E. encouraged each other, and this helped me to challenge myself to do something that I had never done before. My experience at B.O.E. Global is an opportunity for me to demonstrate my potential as a member of the music industry.

Kristen Victoria Swiat, NYU, Class of 2023

I learned a lot while interning at B.O.E. Global and gained a ton of experience. I was able to work on projects that really interested me, and that were both enjoyable and beneficial to my career path. The internship program also allowed me to explore different aspects of the music industry and gain valuable knowledge and experience in new areas. I felt like I came out of this program with improved skills, such as video editing and content curation, as well as a better understanding of the industry. 

Karen Funaki, NYU, Class of 2022

I had an overall positive experience as a label intern at B.O.E. Global. As an intern, I was able to acquire new skills such as learning how to use Canva and build a website through WIX, as well as valuable lessons on communication and what is expected of me as a professional. Tasks were diverse and required attention to detail, but at the same time allowed me to learn more about what things were important in terms of label management. I was able to grow during my time at B.O.E. Global, and had a wonderful time working with the B.O.E. team and other interns. 

Angel "Ace" Correa, USC, Class of 2022

During my time at BOE, I learned a lot about the music industry and how good business is conducted. I gained insight into how successful people think, operate, and carry themselves. Additionally, I am more confident in my value within the industry and have left with a new sense of direction and aspirations.

Robin Jo, NYU, Class of 2022

Over the three months of my internship at B.O.E., I definitely learned to become a young professional in the field. Rayshon provided me with great guidance and helped me stay proactive. If I asked for more opportunities, B.O.E. was a place where it helped me explore. If any opportunity comes across in the future, I will not hesitate to reach out to General Manager Rayshon.

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