Grammy-nominated producer Harmony Samuels has the talent of bringing out the greatness out of an artist each time he steps into a studio.

From working with Ariana Grande, Chris Brown, Fantasia, Ciara, Fifth Harmony, JoJo to countless of other superstar artists; his creativity and production has made an undeniable impact in the music industry.Harmony draws inspiration from Quincy Jones, whose resume serves as inspiration to anyone in entertainment. Like Jones, Harmony believes that truly getting to know the artist is what helps bring out the best out of them.

Harmony is a British self-taught musician who has mastered piano, bass guitar, guitar and drums. As a producer, he is known to find the heartbeat of the music while uncovering the emotional and spiritual heaviness of artists.


It was during a business trip to Los Angeles in 2008 where Harmony’s music career was about to take off. Super-producer Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins had unintentionally heard a few of his tracks through another meeting and immediately asked to meet with him. By the end of the day, Harmony was in the studio with Jerkins himself. Next came a producer deal and a publishing contract. Soon after, Harmony relocated from London to Los Angeles to continue his career as a producer. A few years later BOE was formed and musical greatness has never ceased being made!